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Multimac Car Seats

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July 2, 2010
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Every so often you see a product so astoundingly brilliant in its simplicity, that you simply can’t believe that no-one has thought of it before. The Multimac car seat is just such a triumph of design and function and the problem it solves is one that all frustrated petrol heads with large families will appreciate.If you have more than two kids, it isn’t just tickets to Thomasland that start getting expensive and impractical. Because your beloved coupe or convertible is suddenly too small to fit the entire family, and before you know it, your other half is pestering you to get rid of the TT.

If you are blessed with four children, even the humble hatchback suddenly becomes an unacceptably small vehicle, and you’re forced to trade in the Focus for a huge MPV with the turning circle of an oil tanker and the sporting credentials of John Prescott. Croquet.

If you are in a situation like this there is now another option, in the form of the Multimac child car seats. These brilliant devices squeeze three children, aged up to 12, into the back 2 seats of your 2+2 coupé, or alternatively four kids into the back of a standard hatch or saloon. And while they aren’t cheap, with prices starting at £1,099, they will be worth their considerable weight in gold to car-lovers desperate to keep their pride and joy. They may even make sound financial sense set against the increased cost of a larger 7-seat car.

As a parent, your first thought when you see these is concern over safety aspects, but the comprehensive safety tests that these seats are put through in Sweden will surely reassure you. The seats are bolted directly into the mountings for the existing seatbelt stalks, so are essentially joined to the chassis of the car

There are legal concerns as well, of course. Each model of car has to gain approval from the authorities, so if your car isn’t listed yet, you may have to wait until it is tested. You’ll also need to inform the DVLA of the increased seating capacity, and declare the modification for insurance purposes. Obviously, I can think of at least one modified car insurance specialist you should call.

The seats come in grey, but if desired can be specced, for an extra cost, to match your existing upholstery. You can also buy co-ordinating rear-facing baby seats which slot in.

I know these aren’t going to be for everyone, but I’m equally sure that for some parents, these will be an answered prayer.

2 responses to “Multimac Car Seats”

  1. Rachel Carey says:

    Wow, what a clever invention!

    Can anyone tell me whether they have these car seats and how they find them? Do the children have enough room, do they feel secure etc?

  2. Perkin Warbeck says:

    We own a Multimac, and our insurance company (ESure) not only covers the seat (it is now part of the car) but also advises us that contacting the DVLA is not necessary. Fitting the Multimac is not, technically, a modification to the car.

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