Sarah Bennett Baggs received her first podium of the year at Oulton park, in round 6 of the GT Cup Championship!

This time, the Championship officials were happy with the specification of Sarah’s Adrian Flux sponsored BMW M3, and it was confirmed as the correct power to weight for a move to Group 3!

The race started at 9am on Saturday morning revealing a wet track, but a lovely sunny day. The track was split down the middle with the decision on tyres, some going with slicks, some going with wet. Everyone knew they would be difficult to get warm though! Sarah opted for slicks, which meant that she didn’t have to change when the track dried up a bit and half the track disappeared into the pits! Sarah used this to her advantage, and built more heat in the tyres while being led round by the safety car. As a result she put in two fliers at the end to qualify 2nd in class and 20th out of 26 runners.

In the first race Sarah got off to a brilliant start, and managed to narrowly miss a car which spun due to the still damp track. In a risky move she took to the grass so she didn’t lose position! The track started to spread out, and Sarah managed to keep up with the lead pack. Unfortunately, her luck ran out and she slid on a patch of oil which two Porches had already fallen victim to. She lost control, and ended up in the gravel alongside the two ill-fated Porshes. The oil took out 5 cars in total!

After clearing the gravel from the car, Sarah and the M3 were ready to start race 2. She started in the same position, and made good headway. Halfway through the race she was only 3.5seconds behind the leader, who had qualified 6 places in front of her on the grid! There was one car between her and the leader, but an overtaking opportunity didn’t come close.

Sarah finished 2nd in class her 1st podium on the season, 17th out of 25 starters.
Well done Sarah!