Blow me if this isn’t the least inspiring commercial I’ve seen in a long time. Having plumped for a name surely designed to trade off their stateside namesake’s electricitised Volt (which will become the Ampera when Vauxhall get to punt it to us), Chevrolet UK (or Daewoo, as they used to be known) have seemingly decided to leave out any pizzazz.

The scene opens with a romantic clinch (why do we care) pulls back to reveal the lurid Chevy Spark, in an urban setting, along with a much more interesting car in the foreground (this is Daewoo, remember), and then the girl gets in the boring car.

Over this we have a narration so leaden and ponderous in its delivery, that you have to wonder whether someone was sat in a corner mouthing the words at her. The offer being pitched is a warranty that, at face value, is less valuable that that offered by South East Asian competitors Kia and Hyundai, or indeed GM stablemate Vauxhall, which offers an allegedly infinite warranty (on condition that you don’t actually drive the car).

Not once do they mention how cheap the Chevrolet Spark is, which must surely be the principal reason for anyone considering the purchase of a car which is, incidentally being marketed in South Korea as the Daewoo Matiz. Other good reasons for buying it might be its practicality, and the prospect of relatively cheap insurance for young drivers.

By the way, they call this car a Holden in Australia.