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Steer Clear of the Pink Horsebox

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October 1, 2010
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That’s if you don’t want ‘glamour’ girl Katie ‘Jordan’ Price to swerve into your path, anyway. The horse-mad model veered
her garish, pink, 7.5 tonne horsebox into the path of other motorists forcing them to swerve.

Her excuse for this behaviour is that she is, in her words, “a typical woman driver,” which won’t wash, given that women’s claim statistics prove that their driving is generally safer. She also said she was “a bit scared because it was on a motorway” or as it’s known on maps, the, er, A23. Admittedly it does have three lanes, but the clue is the lack of hard shoulder.

The police’s explanation for the poor driving was that she was using her mobile phone while driving, hence her trip to Haywards Heath Magistrates court for a telling off by the beak, as reported by the Sun.

Her erratic driving style has earned her 3 points and a hefty fine, as well as costs. If you have a horsebox as gaudy as Jordan’s we’d love to see it. In fact we’d love to sort out your horsebox insurance too.

Just as long as you can drive the thing!

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