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Fastest Mobility Scooter in the World

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November 16, 2010
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Apparently there’s an interesting chap who lives in Stamford, who has a rather unhealthy obsession with mobility scooters. And rather than pootle around at the normal speeds of up to 8mph, Colin Furze has modified the scooter frames with a 125cc engine from a motocross racer.

As a result he can propel the unorthodox mode of transport to a whopping 71mph, which has earned him a Guinness World Record for his collection.

Colin’s own words, as reported in the Sun, give an insight into the mind of the kind of person who does this kind of thing.

“You hear lots of people complain about scooters going really slowly around supermarkets and blocking the aisles so I thought it would be a laugh to make a really fast one. It takes people by surprise as it looks like the real thing but it’s really noisy when it gets going.”

He continues

“You can’t take your eyes off the road when driving it as any rash steering decisions could make it flip over and the slightest dip or bump in the road makes it drift off course.”

Err… OK, I think I’ll pass on that lift. Anyone wanting to get some mobility scooter insurance for a more conventional model is in luck though, thanks to our sister company, Chartwell Insurance Services.

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