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Hyundai Think Outside the Box

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November 1, 2010
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And then Park Outside it too.

I have a certain amount of admiration for Hyundai. Having made a name for themselves with cheap and cheerful utilitarian fare like the Accent and the Sonata, they have not rested on their laurels, and, as even more cheap and cheerful rivals, like Kia and Daewoo/Chevrolet have entered the market they have striven to offer something more.

First there was the Hyundai Coupé introduced in 1996, which genuinely surprised a lot of people with its looks and performance. Then came a successful expansion into the burgeoning SUV market, with cars like the Santa Fe.

And in recent times Hyundai have reinvented themselves once more, relaunching almost their entire range, and positioning themselves as a cutting edge blend of technology, style and value. They perhaps still don’t have the cachet they would like, but as each generation of cars improves on the last, even enthusiasts are starting to seriously consider the range.

Their latest vehicle, the ix20 represents another new segment for the Korean company. The ix20 is a supermini-MPV designed to compete with vehicles such as the Honda Jazz, Nissan Note and Renault Modus. Is this the right direction, given that these types of cars tend, in the UK, to be popular with the elderly motorist? Only time will tell. Certainly the advert seems to be pitching it as a family conveyance.

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