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Get Involved in BMW

BMW has recently done a really cool ad which astonished cinema goers. They used flash projection technology to imprint the brand image on all participants.
The advert was for BMW motorcycles and featured Ruben Xaus, the BMW Superbike racer, describing why he races cut with high paced shots around a track. At first you think it’s just a cool ad, although the brand identity is almost completely missed out. Then after a white flash Ruben urges you to close your eyes and BMW appears for a few seconds. They do this with a photo flash that is shone through a BMW shaped hole, all very clever trickery.

In a world where you have to be inventive to stand out, how better? Rather than forcing the brand on someone, BMW have really engaged the audience and made them part of something pretty special. If you were there, you would be truly bamboozled as to why BMW is burned onto your cornea. Also this is no more harmful than a photo flash, so don’t think BMW are blinding movie fans.
BMW sum it up with …

Tell me something. And I will forget.
Show me something. And I can remember.
Involve me in something. And I will understand.

See below the video of how it’s done and after the ad, obviously the flash projection isn’t there but it does show you what people did/should see:

Another Terrible Parking Fail

We’ve featured some pretty bad parking on this blog over the years. Usually if there is anything more than pride that is dented it is fairly minor damage to the perpetrator’s vehicle, and maybe a slight bump to an adjecent car or two. After all, parking is a low speed manoeuvre, so the potential for destruction is relatively low.
At least, that’s what I thought.
Then I saw this:
How on earth it is possible to achieve this level of destruction from a simple forward parking attempt, I’m not sure. It must require a special level of idiocy – luckily it appears that this chap possesses a black-belt in dimwittery.