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Sarah Bennett-Baggs at Silverstone 24 hour

Flux-sponsored superwoman Sarah Bennett-Baggs has some great footage from the Silverstone 24 hours, which took place towards the end of last year.

You can read her own account of an up-and down weekend here, and find out how many pairs of knickers are required for a gruelling 24 hour race, and how to not wet yourself when you’re desperate for a wee with hours of driving still to do.

Overcoming obstacles including terrible weather, and an Aston Martin which one of her co-drivers helpfully crashed, the team finished a creditable 13th in their class, despite losing 5 laps replacing broken seat bolts, and many more repairing the front wing and radiator after the aforementioned ‘off’.

The team finally crossed the finish line 22nd overall 13th in class having completed exactly 500 laps and their adventure was chronicled in high definition by Sorted Media.

’68 Charger Feedback

Apparently there’s some new Nicholas Cage film coming out, in which he plays a tortured soul escaped from hell to wage war on demons and rescue his daughter and granddaugher..

No it’s not a Ghost Rider sequel.

It’s called Drive Angry, due to be released in February and it’s in 3D.

I don’t know how Nic Cage pulls it off, but he has certainly had the chance to drive some iconic cars in his career, culminating of course with Gone in 60 Seconds, which featured him driving not only the ‘Eleanor’ Mustang GT500, but also many of the other cars which formed the excuse for a plot.

Drive Angry has a very retro feel and the real stars are the cars, probably the most interesting element of the whole file, the most prominent being the classic Dodge Charger.

Of course, you may well remember another film featuring a memorable chase involving a 2nd generation Charger, only in this film it was the baddie, and Steve McQueen was driving the Mustang chasing it. That film of course was Bullitt, and director Peter Yates, who sadly died last week, could surely teach today’s film-makers a thing or two about atmosphere, style and pacing, not to mention 3 dimensional characters without any need for fancy cameras. Not so good at counting wheel trims, check out how many the Charger (or should I say Chargers?) shed(s)…

Normal Service is Resumed

You’ve probably noticed we’ve been having a few problems with the blog. The people responsible are going to be shot at dawn tomorrow, but as of right now, enough is working that we can start to bring you the semi-relavent blabberings which have been missing from your life over the past week or two.

You’ll know we’re fans of obscure insurance adverts.

Well the good news is we’ve found some more. The first is a stupendous piece from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Shipoopi!
YouTube Preview Image

And then there’s this beauty from Romania, which also serves as a sort of public information film advising what to do in the event of an accident. With really bad acting. And, of course, lingerie.

YouTube Preview Image