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Normal Service is Resumed

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January 18, 2011
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You’ve probably noticed we’ve been having a few problems with the blog. The people responsible are going to be shot at dawn tomorrow, but as of right now, enough is working that we can start to bring you the semi-relavent blabberings which have been missing from your life over the past week or two.

You’ll know we’re fans of obscure insurance adverts.

Well the good news is we’ve found some more. The first is a stupendous piece from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Shipoopi!

And then there’s this beauty from Romania, which also serves as a sort of public information film advising what to do in the event of an accident. With really bad acting. And, of course, lingerie.

One response to “Normal Service is Resumed”

  1. giarcr says:

    Good heavens, that knocks all the opera singers and meerkats in the world into a cocked hat

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