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Put Together Your Own MacLaren MP4-26

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February 7, 2011
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The F1 season is fast approaching, and all of the teams have been unveiling their 2011 cars over the past few weeks, some we were lucky enough to see at AutoSport.

In terms of imagination and theatre though, the prize probably goes to the MacLaren team who had a pseudo -crowdsourcing spectacle involving ‘members of the public’ carrying chunks of the new MP4-26 to a central Berlin location where it was assembled by mechanics and, of course, the two British former World Champions, Lewis and Jenson.

Their car is also the most interesting visually with some wacky new air intakes and a weird front wing, which the world will be eagerly watching to see how much of an advantage they actually provide.

Along with all F1 fans at the moment, we’d also like to say “Get well soon Robert Kubica.”

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