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Evoque your city

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March 14, 2011
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Range Rover have released a new video claiming that the design and feel of the new Evoque has, to some extent, been crowdsourced. How this squares with the fact that the whole thing was designed by Gerry McGovern, who refused to accept any compromise of the design even from Range Rover’s own engineers (as we posted on influx), we are left to imagine.

But perhaps that explains why some people see a lot of the Mini Countryman in the Evoque. Who knows?

What we do know is that Range Rover seem keen to pitch the Evoque at what would be, for them, an entirely new demographic, and are even planning to give away a snazzy iPad2 to folk who view this video and enter their details at the end.

You can get involved in the exercise at, where you can view the journeys of celebrities such as George Lamb and Daisy Lowe, download smartphone apps to map your travels in a unique visualisation, and help OK Go create a video. Not a gentleman farmer in sight.

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