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Don’t accept lifts from strangers – or Timothy and Judith

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October 3, 2011
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Everyone knows you should never accept lifts from strangers. But no-one ever told us about Timothy and Judith.

Figures released by specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux show that, among its 300,000 policyholders, these two names are the most likely male and female to claim on their car insurance.

In the past five years, 20.7 per cent of Timothys have made a claim, just ahead of Antonio, Julian and Bernard, while Judiths lead the way for the ladies with 30.7 per cent claiming, ahead of Joanna and Clare.

The least likely to claim are those called Megan (15.3 per cent) for the women and Jordan (4.8 per cent) for the men.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Flux, said it was unlikely that names were directly linked to how often people claimed, and that Timothy and Judith had probably just been unlucky.

“There is nothing to suggest that people called Timothy or Judith are reckless drivers, but they’re probably not the names I’d have expected to see at the top of the list!” he added.

“We rate insurance premiums based on a number of factors, such as where people live, what they drive and their fault claims history, but we’re not quite ready to start charging people more, or less, depending on their name.”

The moral of the story? Always accept lifts from Megan and Jordan. Unless they’re strangers, of course …

Top 10 male claimers Top 10 female claimers
1.Timothy 1. Judith
2. Antonio 2. Joanna
3. Julian 3. Clare
4. Bernard 4. Alexandra
5. Justin 5. Valerie
6. Imran 6. Joanne
7. Roger 7. Suzanne
8. Hugh 8. Shelley
9. Iain 9. Sonia
10. Ronald 10. Catherine

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