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Winter Caravan Storage Tips

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November 30, 2011
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Top tips for storing your caravan over the winter months

Laying up your caravan for the winter is not just a simple case of parking it off the road and locking the door. A surprising amount of damage can occur from the weather and general wear and tear if it is not protected properly. Even if you are lucky enough to have indoor storage for your caravan it is still at risk from small animals, nesting insects and dust.

Here’s a brief checklist for over-wintering your caravan outdoors.

The interior – cleanliness is the key.

  1. Make sure it’s clean and don’t leave anything lying around that could attract animals or rot, causing unpleasant odours. Hoover thoroughly, shake out loose furnishings and clean out the fridge and cupboards.
  2. Drain off the water system. This is not only hygienic but will prevent burst pipes in the event of freezing weather.
  3. If you’re worried about condensation invest in a couple of moisture traps and replenish with new crystals as required. These can be purchased from most caravan stores.
  4. Check window seals and doors for leaks. Now is the time for those little repair jobs.

The exterior – it’s a case of vigilance.

  1. Make sure snow doesn’t build up under the caravan. This can cause problems with external cables.
  2. Check the tyres. If the van is not moved for months they can develop flat spots. Either move the van regularly or consider removing the wheels and jacking the caravan up. But, check with your insurance company before removing the wheels – some policies insist on wheel clamps for security.
  3. Don’t get stuck. Handbrakes and other moving parts can tend to cease up if they are not used. It is advisable to check these regularly.

Make a wish list – be the first with the new season’s gadgets.

  1. Take advantage of the long winter nights to browse catalogues and online sites for new gadgets and must have items so you can impress your fellow caravanners when you set off on the road again in the Spring.

For more detailed advice visit caravan specialist sites such as UK Campsite Direct, Caravanning 4 You and Go Caravanning,  where there are members forums and first hand tips on the subject.

One response to “Winter Caravan Storage Tips”

  1. Peter Barker says:

    Some very good ideas on how to protect your investment. Also try for some great caravan gadgets.

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