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6 top tips to keep your home safe whilst you’re away

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July 20, 2012
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Going on holiday is an annual institution. It’s a time to relax, unwind and forget the cares of the world. But it’s also a great time for burglars. They know there are lots of empty properties around, and cruise the streets looking for easy homes to target. Worse still, they may also have been monitoring your behavior and waiting for you to leave.

There are some easy precautions you can take to deter burglars. But even the best security measures will not put off a determined burglar, so make sure your home insurance policy is fully paid up and that you have adequate cover. If you are going away for longer than two weeks, it is probably best to check with your insurance company that there are no exclusions likely to kick into action.

In an attempt to cut down the on number of break-ins while property owners are on holiday, Adrian Flux Insurance Services has put together six top tips to deter burglars.

  • Make sure you have locked up properlyo look around for windows that may have been left open.
  • Don’t leave garden tools outside, not only as they might get stolen but they may help the burglar gain access to your home.
  • Burglars don’t like to be watched while they are breaking in, so cut back bushes to make sure there are no hiding places.
  • Make your home looked lived in. Find a neighbour who can open and close the curtains, manage the post and clear up rubbish. If this is not possible there are timed switches for lighting on the market and even automatic timed curtain tracks for opening and closing the curtains.
  • Move valuables away from the window so the inquisitive burglar won’t be able to assess what you’ve got. If you’ve got some spare time you could even follow this tutorial and make a false book to keep small valuables safe.
  • Don’t put a name and address label on your luggage. This not only tells thieves you are not at home but also where to go to get your goodies. A mobile phone number is a better form of identification.

Take a look around at other sites on the web such as Response Electronics and Absolute Security. Although they are primarily selling security devices they do have some good information to offer. And for unbiased advice visit Crime Stoppers who, like Batman, are only interested in fighting crime.

One response to “6 top tips to keep your home safe whilst you’re away”

  1. AJ Bharj says:

    You also might wanna put some room lights ON/OFF timer system for evenings , plus try to turn off and have a check on gas microwave oven and other electric equipment are turned off to avoid fire which could turn out to be more expensive than a buglary

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