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Keeping your car fresh

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July 30, 2012
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There’s nothing worse than a long journey in a car that whiffs.  Adrian Flux Insurance Services like to keep things fresh, so the team have brought together a guide to car air fresheners.

There appears to be a car air freshener in any shape or scent imaginable, so there really is no excuse for a smelly motor…. although it’s best to keep the interior of the car clean and locate the source of the pong. You can even get fresheners that smell like the scent of a new car.

The traditional car air fresheners hang down from the rear view mirror. There are versions of these on the market, including car-shaped air fresheners from Haynes, depicting various models, including this VW Beetle one available from Halfords.  For the really traditional look there’s the classic magic tree air freshener, available to purchase from a number of garages and retailers, including The shapes available range from feet to football team emblems. Even Jelly Bean  ( have brought out a range.

Another type of air freshener, known as vent sticks, clip onto your car’s air vents discreetly to deliver a more subtle way to keep your car fresh-fragranced. Like these Carplan odour eliminating pink lily and grapefruit vent sticks, £2.49 from Halfords (

Also available on the market is spray air freshener specifically designed for use in a car. There are a number available including these from Richbrook ( Richbrook manufacturer Ford and Vauxhall branded pump air fresheners, as well as a general spray, all designed to give off the new car fragrance, without having to have an air freshener on show. Using these kinds of air fresheners enables you to use them just when they are required, which also makes them last longer.

Other Flux favourite fresheners include Richbrook’s refillable air fresheners, depicting MG, Vauxhall or Ford logos, which stick to dash board. Some of the teams film buffs also like those depicting favourite film characters, such as this Dr Who Dalek one available from

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  1. Ansell gloves says:

    There are editions of these in the marketplace, such as car-shaped air fresheners from Haynes, illustrating various designs, such as this VW Beetle one available from Halfords.

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