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Can you turn a Rubbish Car into a Supercar?

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April 2, 2013
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I love a bargain banger. In fact the last two cars I bought each cost me less than £800 and, touch wood, they have cost me considerably less to run than the ‘sensible’ purchase I have run alongside them for the last three years. They have also been a lot more enjoyable, and the patina of age has given them personality.

But am I doing this wrong? Perhaps so. What if you could get a bargain banger, clean it up, maybe do a bit of work on it and swap it for something nicer? And what if you repeated the process with the car you got in return? If you rinse and repeat a few times, could you end up with something really nice, like, say, a supercar?

Well, wonder no more, because Mike Brewer, off of Wheeler Dealers, is putting all of his car trading nous to the test in Trading Up, a new series on the Discovery Channel this evening. Starting in India with $3,000, Mike will be travelling the world over the next six weeks as he attempts to turn that initial investment into a genuine supercar. Along the way he promises to show us some used car dealer tips and tricks that can make a car worth more.

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