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Is this the lamest attempted car insurance fraud ever?

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April 5, 2013
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This may well be the worst example ever seen of an attempt to defraud motor insurers. Purely in terms of execution it would be hard to surpass the poor quality of this Russian pedestrian’s attempt to extort money.

Equipped, we presume, with a skinful of vodka and with all the acting skills of a Crossroads extra, he meanders along the middle of the road, waiting for his attempted victim to ‘hit’ him. Unfortunately this kind of thing is so common in Russia that dash cams are pretty much standard issue for the honest motorist, so the entire escapade is caught on camera. Once the bemused driver has let the ‘victim’ know he’s on camera, he trudges off dejectedly.

Criminal fraudsters here in the UK aren’t always so obvious, but dash cams can help insurers detect dodgy behaviour and save you from the costs of a fraudulent claim. That’s why Adrian Flux can offer great discounts of up to 15% to drivers who fit an approved dash cam, such as a ChilliBongo.

If you’ve seen a more egregious dive than this (that doesn’t involve Luis Suarez), let us know in the comments.

One response to “Is this the lamest attempted car insurance fraud ever?”

  1. http://www.wooden-garden-furni says:

    Reading this is amazing, absoloutely shocking really and cannot believe people would even try to attempt, crazy!

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