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Are you called Ruby? We’ll give you £50

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May 20, 2013
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If your name is Ruby, it’s time to thank your parents.

We’re giving away £50 to anyone in the UK named after the precious red gemstone as part of our Ruby anniversary celebrations.

Male or female, first name or surname, we’ll send a £50 voucher to be redeemed off any home or vehicle insurance to anyone called Ruby who gets in touch.

Gerry Bucke, general manager at Flux, said: “It’s been 40 years since we started off from a small office providing cover for kit cars, disabled motorists and modified motors, and we’ve come a long way since then.

“As it’s our Ruby anniversary, we thought it would be fun to see how many people called Ruby we could reach, and give them a little something so they could share in our celebrations.”

Since its birth in 1973, Adrian Flux has grown to employ about 600 people at its headquarters near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, and specialises in providing insurance for everything from classics to supercars, 4x4s to Japanese imports and everything in between.

There are special schemes for just about anything on four wheels, plus divisions for motorcycles, disabled drivers and a specialist home insurance department that can provide cover for most types of dwelling.

Ruby facts:

  • Rubies have been mined for more than 5,000 years – a large, dark red ruby with no flaws is worth more than a diamond of similar size.

  • Ancient cultures used to believe that if you dropped a ruby into water, the water would immediately boil. Presumably the person who put forward this theory didn’t have a ruby with which to test it.

  • In the 13th century, Sanskrit medical literature claimed that an elixir of rubies could cure flatulence. Just don’t ask how they found this out.

  • The largest known ruby in the world is the Edith Haggin de Long Star gem and is held in the American Museum of Natural History – it is more than 100 carats.

  • Reasonably popular until the mid-1930s, the name Ruby dropped off the most popular names for baby girls until 2000 – by 2011, it was the most popular name for a baby girl.

  • Ruby is a unisex name and its old-English meaning was: “behold: a son, a gem”. The most famous male Ruby is jockey Ruby Walsh, although he’s officially Rupert Walsh.

  • Theodore Maiman used a ruby to create the first laser in 1960.

  • According to folklore, if you dream of rubies it signifies you will soon receive financial and emotional success. Dreaming about Ruby Wax doesn’t count.

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