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Caravan security, keep it locked up and safe.

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July 2, 2013
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2818483027_e338b8f6ed_zGoing on a caravanning holiday should be a happy, carefree time. Unfortunately there are opportunist thieves on campsites who take advantage of people’s more casual attitude to security and that can really take the shine off a holiday. Specialist caravan insurance broker, Adrian Flux, has a division specialising in caravan insurance so is well-placed to offer some advice on keeping possessions safe while having a relaxing break.

  • Always lock your caravan door when you leave. Check the locks fitments before you set off on holiday and replace or upgrade faulty ones. At home you know who your neighbours are, but on a caravan site you have no idea of the pedigree of your fellow holiday-makers. Even if you’re just popping to the shop make sure you close all doors, windows and any skylights.
  • For extra security fit an alarm and window locks and remember to use them. There is a huge range of caravan alarms and lots of companies, such as Sola-Larm, who can offer help and advice. If you are fitting an alarm make sure you know how to set it correctly, as there is nothing more annoying to other site users than an alarm going off for no reason. Some alarms, like the Kel caravan alarm have remote controlled awning lights, but make sure the lights aren’t too bright, you don’t want to wake up your neighbours when you turn it on late at night.
  • To stop thieves checking out what you’ve got in your caravan, draw the curtains and use timer switches to turn the lights on if you will be out after dark. 12V timers are relatively hard to track down but Conrad has a simple inexpensive model that should do the trick. You could also leave the radio on if you are out for long periods as it makes the caravan seem occupied.
  • Try not to leave money or valuables in your caravan, but, if you have to, make sure they are well hidden and locked away. The SafeShop offers a selection of small safes suitable for caravans that are designed to hold £1,000 cash or £10,000 of valuables – which should be enough for most caravanners.
  • UV markers are a simple and inexpensive way to protect property. They cost less than £2 to buy. It is recommended that you mark your postcode and initials on each item in a discrete place that won’t be handled a lot. You will need to re-mark every couple of years and keep an up-to-date record of what you have marked.
  • Further advice on caravan security can be found at UK Campsite and police authorities for popular holiday areas such as Norfolk Police have good tips to offer.

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