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Electric Vans

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July 14, 2013
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Despite their undeniable practicality for storage and transport, many prospective buyers are put off vans because of their supposed inefficiency. Fuel prices continue to soar, and vans hardly seem an economical decision. Yet people still need them, and their future might just be in electric motoring. Adrian Flux Insurance Services offers specialist cover for electric van insurance, hybrids and even milk floats. It takes a look at some of the recent innovations in electric van motoring, highlighting websites devoted to this emerging market.

Mega Van is one of the leading Electronic Van manufacturers in the UK. As well as being reliable, Mega Van claim they “boost your street cred”. They certainly look striking. By purchasing one of these you’re selling a green image to potential clients, crafting a company identity that is both forward thinking and conscientious.

You can get hold of used and new Electric vans at Its Dragon Series is larger than the more compact Mega Van, being similar in size to the popular Ford Transit. If your company is after something heavy duty, this larger van could be the one for you.

There have been some impressive electrical vans from more commercial van companies, such as Mercedes. It just recently launched the Mercedes Vito E-Cell, an electric van based on the popular diesel Vito range. Ideally suited for inner-city transport, its electric engine exempts it from Congestion Charge, and its impressive battery can last up to 81 miles.  According to, it’s also relatively powerful, with top speeds of up to 50 mph+.

Ford has also made its contribution, and being one of the leading van manufactures in the world, that’s hardly a surprise. Check out this youtube video of its Transit Connect Electric in action.

Like vans, trucks are also getting their eco-hats on. These really do look the part, especially the Alke XT Road Legal Electric Truck. Check out E-power to paint more of a picture. The company offers “full nationwide service”, boasting the “widest selection of electric vehicles in the country”.

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