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Flux’s Favourite Comic Book Cars

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August 1, 2013
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Adrian Flux Insurance Services shine their headlights on this graphic scene.

At some point in their lives, most people have wanted to drive the Batmobile. Comic-books and wacky cars go hand in hand. Here the folks at Flux test-drive some of their favourites.

Batman: Christopher Nolan, who directed Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, offers the most recent take on this iconic vehicle, which is more like a souped-up tank than a sleak, dark car. Maybe it fits the more down to earth, serious tone of his films, but you’ve got to love the ‘90s bling of Val Kilmer’s fire-breathing racer in Batman Forever. Comic Book fans should check out It’s remarkable how the history of car culture reflects the changing images and style of the Batmobile across the decades.

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The Joker: Lesser known is the cape-crusader’s arch nemesis’ ride, the Jokermobile. Fitting the familiar purple and green image of the psychotic clown, you can get hold of one for the modest price of £19.95 at

Spider-Man:  It’s not all glamour for cars and comic books. Did you know Spider-Man had a car? Probably not, and hint why. The Spider-Mobile was short-lived and famously derided by comic book fans when it made its debut in the 1970s. It wasn’t just ugly, the very concept was flawed! Who needs a car in New York City when you can essentially fly through it with your super powers? Perhaps the friendly-neighbourhood webslinger missed sitting in traffic jams.

Tintin: Tintin’s seen more than his fair share of cool cars. Surely on the run up to the release of Spielberg and Jackson’s cinematic take on this legendary character the Citroen 2CV is due for a revival? 2CV dedicates itself exclusively to supplying, maintaining and discussing this classic vehicle.

If you can’t afford to buy a real 2CV, you could always browse the online Tintin Shop and its extensive selection of model cars. From “The Red Sea Shark’s” Cadillac Eldorado, to the classy Grey Lancia Aprilla seen in “Land of the Black Gold”, no comic book hero saw as many diverse cars as the popular quiff-sporting detective.


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