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Eight Energy Saving Tips For The Home

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October 18, 2013
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There are lots of stories in the media about microgeneration and the feed-in tariff.  There’s also plenty about the need to insulate your home – the cavity walls, loft and double (or triple) glazed windows.  But you don’t have to shell out hard earned cash to cut the cost of running your home.  Here Adrian Flux Insurance Services checks over a few alternative tips to save energy and money.


  1. Turn appliances off completely – don’t just leave them on standby.  If necessary, unplug them.  And never leave rechargers (for example, mobile phones) switched on if they’re not charging.
  1. When cooking, cover pans with lids to reduce the energy used to heat them up (but make sure the food inside doesn’t stick!)
  1. Turn down your thermostat and turn off heating in unused rooms.  If you get cold, try adding an extra layer of clothing (such as a fleece) rather than turning the heating up.
  1. Only turn on your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.


  1. Avoid using a tumble drier.  Dry clothes on the line outside or over a clothes-horse inside.
  1. Close your curtains at dusk to reduce heat loss through windows and doors (it’ll also stop burglars peering in at your valuables!)
  1. Make sure any draughts are blocked up – you can make an effective draught-excluder from an old stocking or football sock stuffed with unwanted clothes.
  1. Turn off taps and fix any leaking ones.  A dripping hot water tap wastes energy and in one week you’ll lose enough hot water to fill half a bath.  It’s pouring money down the drain!

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