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Road Magazine’s Project Cars – Insured by Adrian Flux

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February 13, 2014
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IMG_0515Here at Adrian Flux we are very proud of our heritage as the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker. We love knowing that no matter what you drive, you can come to us for a quote, confident that we can help. That’s why we were so happy to see that Phil at Road Magazine had such a good experience with us when insuring his latest project car.

The car in question for Phil was a Range Rover P38 – a 4.6-litre, V8, automatic and LPG-converted example – which he picked up at a motor auction in Norfolk. Purchasing the P38 was Phil’s first foray into the car auction world but, with success on his first attempt, it is clearly a world that he is well suited to. Before long, with the car checked over and his pals in the trade consulted, he was competing with the professionals, bidding furiously to secure the project car of his dreams.

IMG_0379-300x200With his nerves settled and tips picked up from the regulars ringing in his ears, Phil manoeuvered and bid his way into ownership. The key thing in auctions like this is to know your limit and stick to it – it can be far too easy to get carried away and blow your budget, leaving you with little to spend on fixing your purchase up.

All the paperwork was handled for Phil by the auction staff, leaving him with just the job of arranging insurance, which is where Adrian Flux came in. In his own words, our staff make the task of insuring practically anything very easy and pain-free and are all experts in motoring and insurance. Phil’s policy came in at under £400 and included free breakdown cover and allowed an endless list of modifications, both ideal features for a car destined to be tinkered with.

Car blogSince getting his P38 home, Phil has engaged on a campaign of modifications, from tuning the engine and replacing the suspension to upgrading the lights and getting it ready for greenlaning. Over time this P38 is sure to transform into a great example of what project cars can be, and we can’t wait to see the final product.

Phil’s story might seem a little unusual but it’s a very common occurrence for us. We regularly deal with customers who have bought older vehicles, unusual cars or have heavily modified them and are now looking for cover, and these are just the customers that Adrian Flux wants to help.

For more information on Phil’s P38 project and many others, visit Road Magazine

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