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Adrian Flux Featured Customer – Modified Hyundai Coupe

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April 25, 2014
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When Justine gave birth, to beautiful baby Leo – on 16th December 2006 – both she, and husband Anthony, had no idea just how much their lives would change. Unfortunately, within the first 48 hours of his life, Leo suffered multiple fits and was rushed to another hospital, in order to receive diagnostic CAT and MRI scans. The results revealed the cause of Leo’s fitting; three blood clots and bleeding across numerous parts of his brain. The shock that both Anthony and Justine were subject to, was only compounded by the doctors inability to determine, both a cause for his illness or what the future held for the youngster. Fortunately, with constant medical attention and monitoring, the fits subsided and clots dispersed, meaning the couple were finally able to take Leo home. The trauma suffered, during Leo’s ordeal, had left him with brain damage with, again, nobody being able to state – definitively – how he would be affected.

Now 7 years old, and having been diagnosed with ASD – as has younger brother Logan (4 years old) – Leo has found very little pleasure in the toys, programmes and interaction that, other children his age, might. He has however, become obsessed with Disney’s ‘Cars’. Ever since he first watched the animated masterpiece, the characters sparked enjoyment in Leo in a way that other entertainment hadn’t. Inspired by such a stark & positive reaction, dad Anthony, knew that he simply must create a real-life homage.


Inspired by the styling of the Lightning McQueen character, Anthony initially spent £6,000 purchasing an RX-8 and transforming it with McQueen-esque livery. Sadly, this car didn’t last very long and was subject to a heinous attack of vandalism. Not to be beaten by an act of such mindlessness however, Anthony began saving again. Now, with the kindness and love of his friends and family, he has transformed a Hyundai Coupé into a piece of automotive brilliance, that wouldn’t look out of place in Radiator Springs.

IMG_20131221_180956Owner: Anthony Bindon

Car: Hyundai Coupé V6

Modifications: Full body kit, tinted windows, custom respray and decals

Engine: 2.7 V6

Top Speed: “137mph, on paper. Though, given the unique nature and use of the car, it’s never seen anywhere near that under my ownership!”

Self-Built: “Yes – with lots and lots of help along the way! It certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the help and expertise of the fantastic guys at 1st Class Body Repair”

Time spent on the vehicle: “I dread to think…”

Vehicle use: “It’s all about charity for the Coupé. It’s been used for visiting children’s therapy units, to cheer up the patients, right to through to being used at large events, fundraising for national charities. No worthy cause too big or small!”

Why Adrian Flux?: “I picked Adrian Flux as I find they understand that modified doesn’t mean boy racer and that most of us look after our cars even more than a regular car owner would”

Most important insurance element: The modifications being covered on a like-for-like basis


Where can you see it?: It’s our pleasure to have this brilliant Coupé on the Adrian Flux stand, at Japfest on Saturday 10th May. Japfest is the first show of the Adrian Flux Auto Series and Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, held at Castle Combe Circuit. Tickets are available here from as little at £18*, with children under 14 permitted free entrance with a paying adult. For more information, head to the Japfest website for the latest news and updates.

Japfest-header-2014-dateAs modified specialists, Adrian Flux, have been providing tailored insurance for over 40 years. If you’ve got a highly modified car, or are perhaps looking to modify your current motor, give us a call on 0800 369 8590 or use our callback service to get a detailed quote.


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