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Eight common lies on car insurance forms

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August 26, 2014
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We’d all love cheaper car insurance, and the mission at Adrian Flux Insurance Services is to make sure customers get just that with a bespoke, tailored quote.

Withholding information about your car may cause you real issues in the future.

Withholding information about your car may cause you real issues in the future.

But in our determination to get the very best deal possible, up to one in 10 of us isn’t entirely honest when it comes to giving out the information that is essential if we are to get the perfect policy for us.

Although your porkie pies may save you a few quid at quote time, lying on your car insurance form could have very serious consequences if you need to make a claim.

Insurance companies have various ways of checking if what you say is true and will investigate policies and claims they have suspicions about, or even use investigators to verify the information you’ve given.

Lying on an official car insurance form is fraud and anyone who bends the truth for a cheaper quote runs the risk of having their policy cancelled and claim dismissed.

Here, Adrian Flux reveals eight common lies on car insurance forms and the problems they can cause:

1) Car modifications: If you modify your car and it changes the vehicle’s appearance or performance, you must disclose this to your insurer. Adrian Flux is a market leader when it comes to modified car insurance, so call for a tailored quote.

2) Licence lies: Make sure you tell your insurer if you only have a provisional licence or your driving licence is from outside the European Union. Some insurers only accept full licences from the EU and a handful of other countries.

3) ‘Forgetting’ previous claims: You must tell your insurer if you have had a claim or accident within the previous three years – even if the incident wasn’t your fault and even if it has been fully settled. Make sure you prove your claims history to qualify for a no claims discount. A full picture of your insurance history is essential to get the right quote. Insurers can now access a central claims database to check if you’re lying.

Parking your car on the road or in a garage?

Parking your car on the road or in a garage?

4) Misrepresenting where the vehicle will be kept overnight: We all know that garaging your vehicle overnight will reduce the cost of our insurance – but pretending you have a garage when you don’t or lying about where your vehicle is stored at night can void your policy immediately. A quick look on Google Streetview is all that’s required to see if you have a garage.

5) Not saying what the car is used for: Some customers don’t report to their insurer that they use their vehicle for business. If your car is essential to your job, make sure you tell your insurer that it won’t just be used for private and personal use.

6) Withholding motoring convictions: This is the lie customers are most likely to tell – they know that bad drivers pay more for insurance. If you’ve had a motoring conviction in the past five years, insurers have to know about it or your policy could run the risk of being cancelled.

7) ‘Fronting’: An act of kindness to your teenager could land you in a whole heap of trouble if you insure a young person’s car in the name of an older driver. Younger drivers are seen as a bigger insurance risk and if a young driver is the main driver, you must inform your insurer.

8) Under-estimating how far you drive every year: Lots of people report they drive fewer miles than they actually do in the hope of lowering their policies. If your commute changes and your miles increase, let your insurer know.

* Adrian Flux searches hundreds of insurance schemes to find you the best possible deal, suited to your needs and driving history. Call 0800 3698590 for a bespoke quote or visit


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