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Where to get the best breakdown cover

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August 15, 2014
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So, you’ve bought your car, you’ve taxed it, you’ve got a valid MOT (if your car is over three years old) and you’ve got adequate insurance cover – now you’re ready to go out on the road. But what about breakdown cover?

Many drivers chance it and keep their fingers crossed that they won’t breakdown. However this can be a false economy as motorway towing costs can be £150 and call out charges from a garage can be around £90.

The options for breakdown insurance can be bewildering. There are the big players in the game such as the RAC and the AA who dominate the market, but increasingly there are smaller companies who offer a similar service. A visit to any price comparison site will serve to confuse rather than illuminate the choices – it’s hard to compare like for like. shutterstock_56048584

What Car has produced an excellent article explaining the ins and outs of breakdown cover in simple terms. There are different types of breakdown cover – vehicle and personal. Vehicle cover is for a specific vehicle, whereas with personal cover the service will respond whether you are a driver or passenger in any vehicle. Cover can include recovery, onward journey and home start depending on the cost.

You should also investigate whether there are member deals or half price offers to tempt new customers and whether you will be limited in the number of times you can call for help within a 12-month period.

One option to consider is adding breakdown cover to your insurance policy – this if often cheaper. Ring up your insurance provider and see what they have on offer. They know your particular circumstances and can offer the best advice.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services provides breakdown cover that starts at £68 for roadside assistance, home service, relay / recovery and European cover. This cover is open to anyone – not just those who are insured through Flux.

Flux Rescue operates 24 hours a day every day of the year. In the event of a breakdown all you need to do is call the Freephone Rescue Control Centre and Flux’s trained staff will do the rest. There’s no limit to how many callouts you can make, but the breakdown labour costs incurred during a 12 month period must not exceed £3,000.

Flux Rescue breakdown insurance cover is also available on classic car policies, even those used for weddings, which could save potential embarrassments – although no-one wants to arrive at their wedding in a tow truck!

Did you know that January 2nd is the busiest day of the year for car breakdowns? And that a flat battery is the most common reason for calling out a breakdown service, according to The Guardian.

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