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5 First Cars Your Mates Won’t Laugh At

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September 8, 2014
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With the new Inbetweeners movie breaking box office records on its first day, we at Adrian Flux started thinking about our favourite moments from the popular show. Obvious scenes were mentioned, such as Simon’s wardrobe malfunction, the fish punch, and the Frisbee scene. Then somebody mentioned Simon’s Cinquecento and it got us thinking; which first car could you get that your mates won’t laugh at?

So, we set some ground rules, the cars had to be Insurance Group 30 (so you can get Learner Driver cover) or below and under £2,500. After much arguing, we came up with the following:

Peugeot 306

You can get either the hatchback or the convertible and still have plenty of change. The hatchback is cheaper to insure but they’re both great to drive with plenty of space and still look good after all these years.

Styled by Pininfarina (who also design Ferari’s) and with precise handling, it’s a great first car. Bear in mind that the hard top does drive better than the cabriolet.

Citroen_SaxoCitroen Saxo

Amazingly economical, good looking and still powerful if you choose carefully. A major downside though is the lack of safety equipment compared to their top speed. They’re great fun to drive but you don’t get a huge amount for your money. Oversteer was always a problem so don’t corner too fast!

Toyota Celica 1.8 VVTi

1280px-Toyota_Celica_GT_(UK)A gorgeous car that handles brilliantly, you can pick one up these days for under £2,000. Do so and you won’t be disappointed. Well built, reliable, the cramped rear is a bit impractical and means your mates won’t use you as a taxi service.

It’s Japanese so it’s well built and reliable as well (though if something does go wrong, it’ll be expensive).

Honda Civic 1.6 i-VTEC (2000-2005 model)

You get a lot for your money with Honda and this Civic doesn’t disappoint. Stylish and spacious, the Civic is very comfortable and drives smoothly. It’s a Honda so we know they’re reliable and it looks great, plus the gear stick comes out of the dash and is really smooth. Has a cracking engine and holds the road well.

Opt for the 3 door Type S for a really sporty looking hatchback.

Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147

A lovely looking hatchback from Alfa. You’re getting your car owning history of to a great start with the 147. Quick steering and a powerful engine, you also get a lot of kit for your money if you go for the Lusso. However, reliability is an issue so treat it gently. Some haven’t had any problems; others are horrific so get some professional opinions if possible.

Well, there you go, Adrian Flux’s 5 First Cars Your Mates Won’t Laugh At. If you do go for one of theses beauties you’re in for a treat. They all drive beautifully, look gorgeous and will help you avoid the abuse that Simon suffered. But if we had to choose our favourite, we’d go for the Celica.

One response to “5 First Cars Your Mates Won’t Laugh At”

  1. Adminer MJ says:

    All the car is fabulous and well planned, simply I think Toyota Celica 1.8 VVTI and Alfa Romeo 147 are better for others cars. Both are the fantastic and looks very unique. These new latest cars also add modern aspects in average budget and most reliable cars.

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