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Adrian Flux Launches Demolition Dodge Game

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December 8, 2014
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Good news, app lovers! Adrian Flux has just launched its own Demolition Dodge driving game, available now on Android, iOS and Facebook.

Demolition Dodge pits you against an arena of opponents in a battle to stay motoring for as long as possible. Driving a car of your choice, from a sturdy 4×4 to a speedy but fragile coupé, you must collect stars scattered throughout the stadium to gain time boosts and to unlock a garage of new vehicles.

Players from around the world will be able to compete on leaderboards to test who can survive longest in the arena. Compare your time against your friends on the Facebook leaderboard, and take on foes from across the globe on your phone or tablet to see once and for all who is king of the ring.


Not only can you defeat your friends in the leaderboards, but also compete for some great real-world prizes. One lucky winner will be chosen at random from players who submit their scores to win the grand prize of £1,000, plus there are three chances a month to win a free Demolition Dodge t-shirt when you submit your score.

“Demolition Dodge is a great chance to get our customers and gamers worldwide involved in what we do here at Flux, and to inject a little fun into our business,” said Gerry Bucke, general manager at Adrian Flux.

“All of us here have had a go and put our times on the board, so I look forward to seeing how we match up to the public.”


The destruction derby racing game went live on November 19th and already customer scores have been filling out the leaderboards. Visit the Adrian Flux Facebook page to play the game, or search your app store of choice to download the game for yourself.

Visit for more information on our Demolition Dodge game and for all terms and conditions.

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