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The History of Ford cars at Dagenham

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February 9, 2015
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Ever since it opened its doors in 1931, the Ford factory at Dagenham has been the beating heart of the UK motor industry. Churning out cars, engines and the motoring fantasies of generations, the plant employed around 40,000 people at its peak in the 50s and even today it is held in high esteem by those with petrol in their veins.

Celebrating the impact that it has had on UK motoring over the decades, this month’s Influx magazine is dedicated to Ford’s Dagenham factory. Launched on their brand new website, the mag features a video with Dagenham veteran Billy Bragg, plus an article written by the musician and activist, a profile of racing champ Dan Gurney, a review of the new Focus RS500 Cosworth and plenty more besides.

To whet your appetite for what you’ll find over at Influx, we’ve collaborated on this Dagenham infographic sharing some of the factory’s key facts and figures:


It’s astonishing to think just how many cars were assembled in the plant, and what a massive impact it has had on both the people and town of Dagenham and on motor culture throughout the whole of the UK.

To find out more about the Ford factory at Dagenham, to read the latest magazine issue and browse the whole back-catalogue of motoring articles available on the new site, visit

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