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The Joys Of Driving Unique Vehicles – The Subaru Skip

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February 17, 2015
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Over the past 40 years at Adrian Flux we’ve seen more than our fair share of bizarre cars and unique vehicles. From luxury supercars to old bangers headed for the scrap heap, the range of cars on our roads is staggering – but sometimes we come across something truly unusual, something that really turns heads.

Flux customer Ash Beatie, 45, from Coventry, is as drawn in by the unusual as we are, and when he saw a Subaru ‘skip-car’ for sale recently he just had to snap it up. Built on the basis of an Impreza WRX 2litre Turbo, but with rebuilt skip-style steel bodywork, the skip-car is certainly an odd sight on the road, and it’s no wonder it caught Ash’s eye.

Impreza Skip (1)

With no windscreen or roof, only two seats, and no real interior to speak of, the vehicle certainly doesn’t look the most practical of beasts. But, as Ash tells us, appearances can be deceiving.

“Despite what you’d think to look at it, the skip drives really well. It still has the four-wheel drive of the Subaru, and the same engine and brakes, and its quite light being made of steel, so it handles really well. The skip can do everything a normal car could, plus it even has rear-view parking cameras to make up for its size,” Ash said.

“It’s not much fun once you hit 50 or 60mph though, especially in the winter weather without a windscreen, but it does have a very powerful heater to keep you warm. The car really comes into its own doing around 30 through more sheltered built-up areas, and I now use it pretty much every day.”

Originally built by a skip hire company for use in advertising, the car was recently picked up by Ash at auction. The former owner of a skip hire business himself, Ash used to drive a skip-car based on a Reliant Robin, and bought the Subaru version upon remembering how much fun it had been.

“The skip is definitely the most fun car I’ve ever owned. As well as being great to drive, everywhere I go people stare and take photos, and people come up to me in the street to ask questions,” Ash told us.

“I’ve only owned the car for a few weeks, but people pay so much attention to it that I’ve already had offers from big skip companies looking to do their advertising.” said Ash. “I want to keep hold of it until at least next summer, to take advantage of the good weather and hopefully visit a few shows and local carnivals to see what people really make of it.”

If you have an unusual vehicle or know of someone who does, even if it isn’t quite an automotive skip, why not get in touch? Adrian Flux has been offering insurance for all sorts of unique vehicles for decades, and is sure to find something to suit your needs. Call 0800 369 8590 today for more details.

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