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Pink Porsche dodges spectacular start crash

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June 30, 2015
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It’s been a long nine months since the Adrian Flux-sponsored pink Porsche took to the track in anger. Here, racer Sarah Bennett-Baggs reports on the Pink Panther’s return to action in the dramatic MG Live event at Silverstone.
Last weekend was my first outing in the Pink Porsche since Spa Historic event last September. It would be fair to say I have been chomping at the bit, desperate to get out for some full throttle action all winter. So, when the opportunity to race on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit came up at the MG Live event – we didn’t hesitate to go for it.

The Porsche holds off an MG

The Porsche holds off an MG

I shared the 50-minute two driver race with my partner Mike – it was the first time we have raced together in the Porsche. Naturally, I had to adjust the seating position to suit his somewhat larger self. We qualified 19th out of the 43-strong grid, and we were the only Porsche out there in a pretty mixed grid with a variety of classic and modern MGs, a few TVRs, Triumphs and the odd Caterham.
I took the race start, surrounded by front wheeled MG-ZR’s so I knew we would get away well with the rear wheel drive. What I didn’t account for was a Tiger kit car two rows ahead stalling on the grid, acting as a ramp for an unsighted MG-ZR driven by James Cole who swerved to avoid the stricken motor only to catch a rear mud guard launching his MG airborne. Just as he took to the air, I arrived flat out on the scene and drove right almost underneath him! It was quite a shock to say the least, but I am pleased to say James was fine, just shaken and a bit bruised. His car however, isn’t very well and needs a reshell.

Marshals did a great job clearing the track, and the race was restarted. I got up to 14th overall before handing over to Mike, who took it to the finish where we were placed 11th overall. The Porsche ran faultlessly and we both had some good battles. What’s more important is he liked it! So – expect to see more of the same!

Next outing is the Silverstone Classic in the Healey 100.

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