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Why do you need tyre insurance?

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June 19, 2015
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It seems these days that there is literally insurance for everything (Taylor Swift’s legs for one!). Here at Adrian Flux we pride ourselves on only bringing you policies which are genuinely useful in your day-to-day life, the latest of which is our brand spanking new tyre insurance. Replacing or repairing tyres is a costly business, something particularly true for car enthusiasts who choose top quality makes of tyre or pricey run-flats, so we thought we’d bring our tyre insurance to your attention.

Why not have a little more motoring peace of mind? Don’t be scared of that bumpy road ahead, read our top reasons to get a tyre insurance quote today:

The state of British roads

lidar1It’s a sad truth that we really do have some serious road problems on this lovely isle of ours, and we can’t be the only ones to have noticed the prevalence of potholes in the last few years. When the Institute of Advanced Motorists researched this issue in 2014, they found that almost 69 per cent of male motorists consider Britain’s roads to be poor, and the harsh winters we’ve had recently have done nothing to help the situation. Therefore with the local road surface perhaps leaving much to be desired, getting your tyres covered has never been more important.

Malicious damage covered

In an ideal world we’d all like to tuck up our cars safely into a garage at night, or at the very least a private driveway. However, this isn’t always possible, with a large proportion of drivers forced to leave their vehicles in public carparks or on the street. This unfortunately means a higher risk of deliberate or accidental damage to your car, including your tyres. Our cover includes malicious damage, so you’re sorted if the worst does happen.

Low excess, and no effect on your NCB

You needn’t worry about breaking the bank when claiming for tyre damage. With an excess of just £20 per tyre, there’s no worries about having a policy that you dare not actually claim on for fear of living on beans on toast for a month. As an added feature, your car insurance’s no-claims bonus is completely unaffected by any tyre insurance claims. Also, you are not obliged to disclose any claims when purchasing car insurance.


Flexible payment options

No need to shell out up front on your tyre insurance policy – we offer a full flexible instalments option for your convenience.

Good value

Tyres aren’t exactly cheap items, and if you end up having to replace one, you’re looking at between £150-£300 per tyre – possibly even more depending on your car. By insuring yourself, you can avoid an unexpected hefty bill in the event of a puncture.

To find out more about our tyre insurance policy and to get a free quote, click here or call 0800 081 8989 now.

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