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Speedway Low Down – Your Beginners Guide To Speedway

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July 21, 2015
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You might have noticed over the last few weeks that we and our friends over at have gone a little speedway mad.

What started with our sponsorship of the Adrian Flux Arena in King’s Lynn, home of the famous King’s Lynn Stars speedway team, and title sponsorship of the Cardiff British Speedway GP, has grown into a full-on obsession recently – and this month we’re continuing down that track.

The latest edition of Influx Magazine, our online motoring mag, is testament to our love of the sport. This month it features a video and chat with British and World Champion Tai Woffinden, a look at the past and future of speedway, and an exploration of the bikes themselves – how they stand out from regular motorbikes and what makes them the fearsome racers that we know them to be.

We’ve immersed ourselves in the culture, learnt the history, chatted to the stars, taken photos and shot film – but we thought; how much does the average person really know about speedway?

Even a quick straw poll in the office revealed that many of us didn’t have the first clue about the rules and regulations of speedway, and knowledge of the sport was even lower when we turned to the public.

So, to boost awareness, impart some knowledge and win some fans for our new favourite motorsport, we present “Speedway – The Low Down” – your 60-second guide to the basics of speedway:

Hopefully we’ve helped you get to grips with the basics, and you’ll be ready to join us in the crowds at speedway meets in the future.

Don’t forget to share this video with your friends to spread the good word, and head over to to read the new speedway-centric edition.

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