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Announcing Adrian Flux’s Cult Classics Website

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August 6, 2015
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Porsche 912Did you know that the Citroen 2CV had a five-year waiting list within months of going on sale?

How about that back in the 60s, the Porsche 912 outsold its bigger, faster, more-famous brother, the 911, almost two to one?

It’s no secret that we’re in love with our cars here at Adrian Flux – we’ve spent decades reading about them, writing about them and ogling pictures of them. But even after all this time, we still sometimes come across interesting new stories and facts that surprise us – just like those.

Over the years we’ve discovered countless stories, pictures and facts about some of our favourite cars – and we’ve now decided to launch a brand-new Cult Classics website to share the highlights with you.

We’ve worked long and hard to compile a list of motoring facts and stories to share, with a huge range of cars covered, from the 2CV and 912 to Imps, Elans and Wolseleys.

Updated regularly too with new cars to drool over, the Cult Classics site is an archive of everything we love about cars, and a way for you to learn more about the vehicles and motorists of the past.

You can leave comments on each car article to let us know what you think, and share your own stories with other readers.

Comment on the site or below this post to let us know what cars you’d like to see included too – and we’ll write about them in future posts.

Head over to now to read the first three articles, and check back regularly for more throughout the year. Or click the button below to start exploring.

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