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10 of the best (or worst) retro car accessories

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November 24, 2015
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If you learned to drive in the 1980s, the chances are your first car was pretty basic. OK, very basic. Plastic seats, metal steering wheels, no mod cons, no cassette player (what are CDs?) and a distinct lack of instrumentation.

So, a decade before the modification scene really kicked in, we did our best to personalise our cars with all manner of naff accessories. Obviously, at the time, we thought they were cool, but they mostly weren’t.

Specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux has been providing bespoke cover for modified cars since (mostly) youngsters first decided their car just wasn’t funky enough as it left the factory.

Here are 10 retro accessories that “improved” our cars while our parents looked on in horror.

Other classic 80s additions that didn’t make our top 10 were novelty gear knobs, go faster stripes, novelty attachments for the end of your aerial and massive Kenwood stickers in the back window (they might as well have said “steal my stereo”). Have we forgotten any?

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