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10 ordinary cars more rare than a Ferrari F40

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December 8, 2016
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Some cars are too loved, or too valuable, or just too damn pretty, to ever fall from grace and fade away to extinction.

That’s why two thirds of the 800,000-plus Porsche 911s ever made are still in use today, why there are still plenty of E-Types, Beetles, Minis and MGBs proudly lodged in garages across the UK.

But what of the more humdrum cars that reliably ferried us to work, to the shops or trips to the seaside, rarely cherished by their owners and simply serving their primary purpose as a means of getting from A to B?

Many of these cars sold in their hundreds of thousands, but so few remain today that, if they were a bird or animal, they’d be on the critically endangered species list.

We take a look at the once ubiquitous cars that are now barely seen, and will allow you to tell a Ferrari F40 owner that your car is more rare than his.

Our data was taken from the ever-entertaining How Many Left website, and is obviously subject to change as more cars meet their maker. Do you own any of these increasingly-rare motors? If so, why not tell us in the comments what you love about it, and why you keep it on the road.

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