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Steering new drivers towards cheaper car insurance

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February 17, 2017
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We’re always looking at ways to increase driver safety and help young drivers save money.

One way is for young drivers to gain a recognised additional driving qualification. With a number of schemes and courses around it is important to work out what is best for you and what can help you save and benefit the most.

We take a look at some of the options for young drivers looking to stay safe on the roads and save money on their car insurance:

Pass Plus

Probably the best known course is the Pass Plus scheme. This qualifies for a 5% discount from many insurers, however it can still pay for itself in many situations and some local authorities subsidise the cost of the training.


Another scheme is the post-test BTEC Level 2 Award: Demonstrate Safe Driving from Any Driver Ltd, which guarantees a 15% discount from Adrian Flux. The qualification requires applicants to complete a minimum of two hours practical sessions with an Any Driver instructor, showing competency in a variety of road and traffic conditions, including on the motorway.

The applicant will also need to complete a theory workbook, answer ‘show me, tell me’ questions about the vehicle, and have certified a minimum of 15 hours training or driving experience.

IAM Roadsmart

IAM Roadsmart, formerly called the Institute of Advanced Motorists, offers advanced driving courses or assessments along with opportunities to learn and improve driving skills and techniques. New drivers can take an Advanced Driving Course or have a Momentum young driver assessment. Being a member of the IAM also adds further discounts. Adrian Flux Insurance Services can offer up to 20% discount for the IAM Advanced Driving or Momentum assessment and IAM membership.

safe driving

Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash.

Advanced training could help new drivers experience the joys of the open road in a safer and less expensive manner.


CarKraft is an award-winning road safety initiative designed to reduce the number of road traffic collisions, based in Northamptonshire. The CarKraft driver improvement scheme, aimed at young drivers, has reduced the number of people killed and seriously injured in the county to an all time low. The scheme offers a mixture of workshops allowing participants to experience driving on simulated, adverse road conditions at a purpose built facility at Silverstone. Adrian Flux offers a £50 voucher to individuals who undergo the training, which can be redeemed against a car insurance policy.

Flux believes people who undergo additional driver training take safe driving seriously. Statistically they are safer drivers, being more aware of other road users and potential hazards. Stats show that advanced motorists have a 50% to 70% lower accident rate, which is why we offer discounts for those who have undergone these advanced training schemes.

As well as learning a safer, advanced way of driving, and reducing insurance premiums, additional driver training or qualifications can be used on your CV. They will help you stand out from the crowd, showing that you are prepared to go the extra mile in order to better yourself and gain additional skills and qualifications. This may be what is required to separate you from other candidates, especially for driving jobs.

Aside from driving qualifications another way of saving up to 15% on your insurance with Adrian Flux is by installing a dash-cam. A 15% discount can equate to over £600 saving for some young drivers… and that’s just in the first year.

Car cameras are small, but offer full HD recording to provide clear and accurate evidence of incidents, such as collisions, dangerous road users or vehicle damage. The cameras also feature GPS Mapping, GPS Data to view speed and location information during playback.

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