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To cover a caravan or not to cover, that is the question

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June 16, 2017
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When it comes to storing away a caravan for the winter, there is a difference of opinion on the question of using a caravan cover. One school of thought says that caravans are made to be outside so they should just be cleaned up and polished and they’ll come to no harm standing out in the elements.

But then there are those who firmly believe that covering their caravans is the only safe way to protect them from harsh weather, bird droppings and general wear and tear.

Care has to be taken when choosing covers as badly fitting ones made from poor quality materials may scratch the paintwork and encourage a build-up of condensation both inside and outside the van, leading to mould and mildew problems. Adrian Flux takes a look at a selection of options available on the market at the moment.

Dragon’s Den enthusiasts will be interested to see that they can buy a caravan cover from Proppa, the company that secured a £50,000 deal on the show. This cover straps under the caravan, has a zipped fastening and is made from a breathable polypropylene.

caravan cover

Picture of a ProTec Cover in use.

Pro-Tec Covers fit snugly around the caravan and are designed with a zipped opening that corresponds to the caravan door making them ideal for quick and easy access. Webbed straps are supplied to go under the caravan to firmly secure the breathable cover. These covers, designed for strength and durability, can be left on the van for the whole of the winter period.

The lightweight, low-cost, aluminised water resistant fabric covers from Towsure have nylon straps, side zippers and elasticated hems for a tight fit.

A bonus of fitting a caravan cover is that potential thieves aren’t able to easily see what model caravan you have on your driveway or what you are storing inside your caravan. But, if you are using the caravan for storage, remember you will probably want to get into the caravan periodically to check the contents.

For a cheap and easy alternative to covers, try one of the specialist fluids on the market that are formulated to be sprayed onto caravans to make a protective jacket for the winter months. Fenwick’s Overwintering doesn’t crack in the frost or snow and is rain and wind proof. It can be washed off in the Spring with a cleaning fluid prior to putting the van back on the road.

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