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Driver caught by same speed cameras 14 times in three months

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August 21, 2017
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A driver has been caught by new speed cameras on Brighton seafront’s Main Parade 14 times in just three months.

In theory this need for speed could have earned the driver 42 penalty points – most drivers are banned after totting up 12 – and fines of at least £1,400.

Since the speed cameras were installed more than 1,800 vehicles have been clocked travelling at more than 36 mph. One driver hit 63 miles an hour.

But the speed merchant from Brighton isn’t destined to be the country’s worst points “totter-upper”.

One motorist from West Yorkshire has racked up an incredible 62 penalty points but he is still allowed to drive legally.

He is one of more than 10,000 motorists who have exceeded the 12 points usually needed for an automatic ban but have been allowed to continue driving.

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Driving ban can be waived in “exceptional’ circumstances

That’s because magistrates can exercise discretionary powers to waive a driving ban in “exceptional” circumstances.

While losing a job might not be considered “exceptional”, a person might escape a ban if they can prove that losing their licence would lead to extreme financial hardship.

An investigation by the BBC revealed earlier this year that other motorists were still on the roads with 51, 42 and 39 points and, according to data gathered through a Freedom of Information request, there are more than 200 motorists on the roads with more than 18 penalty points.

Many motorists find they are penalised twice over if they are guilty of indiscretions on the road – once by the legal system by way of points and a fine, and also by their insurer with hiked premiums.

That’s not the case at Adrian Flux who have special insurance policies for those who have picked up penalty points or those returning to the road after a ban.

With 40 years experience in the insurance business, Adrian Flux knows that a driver’s past is not necessarily a guide to their future. And, as experts in finding cover for all types of specialist and unusual situations, the quotes department can arrange low cost, high quality insurance cover for you and your car, whatever the history.


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