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The essential guide for travelling with children

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September 4, 2017
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Whether you’re setting off on a road trip late at night so the little ones stay asleep as you travel or planning a day out involving driving, be sure you’re prepared by packing your car with the essentials that ensure stress-free travelling with children.

Travelling with children is very rarely plain sailing, especially if you’ve got a long journey ahead of you. We’ll take for granted the fact you’ve packed the everyday essentials such as snacks, drinks, a spare change of clothes, nappies and baby wipes. But these are the items you might not keep on your person or in your car at all times.

What to pack when travelling with children:

  1. If your children are comfortable, you’ve won one battle. Even if your journey is short, make sure you’ve got blankets packed in the car in case your children are cold after a trip to the beach or are soaking wet from the rain. And if your trip will take several hours, make sure you take pillows.
  2. Plastic bags are your best friends: you can use them if a passenger feels queasy, as nappy bags, rubbish bags and holdalls for toys.
  3. A first-aid kit: particularly important if you’ll be travelling for a long time, or are planning a holiday that involves using your car daily, a first-aid kit can be a real lifesaver. Literally. Include an assortment of adhesive plasters, gauze pads, safety pins, adhesive tape, antiseptic cream or spray, insect repellent and sting cream, swabs, pain relief, a digital thermometer, tweezers, scissors and saline solution to clean wounds. Also, include specific medicine for children and any medication your family takes regularly.travelling with children
  4. A restaurant backpack: If you have young children, eating out can always be tricky. But after a long journey, the odds are stacked against you: keep a restaurant backpack in the car that contains everything you need for a peaceful meal. Wipes, bibs, high-chair covers, colouring books, crayons, reading material – enough to keep your children occupied while you enjoy your meal.
  5. Spare hats or sun visors: While window tinting goes some way to reduce the effects of the sun’s rays, it won’t stop your babies from burning. Children’s skin is far more sensitive than adult’s and needs to be protected – keep sun shades or shields in the car which can be instantly fitted to windows to offer some protection and stop them getting hot and bothered.
  6. Towels: How many times have you been caught in a downpour and had to survive a damp journey full of complaints? Keep a large bath towel in the car for such moments – it can also be used to mop up large spills or as an emergency seat cover if travel sickness strikes.travelling with children
  7. Anti-bacterial hand cleanser: This is self-explanatory.
  8. Anti-boredom kit: If the journey ahead is long, stock up on bits and pieces from a pound shop and put them in a bag to create a lucky dip – for each hour of good behaviour, your child gets to choose an item (without looking). Also try and keep some old favourites in the car.
  9. Audio books: Genuinely, Harry Potter may just save your life.

However, you decide to travel with children, make sure that you’re covered by the right insurance and ensure it is tailor-made for your independent requirements. Give Adrian Flux a call on 0800 089 0203 or visit our website.

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