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YouTube shootout Harry v Mark – who’s fastest?

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October 27, 2017
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One may have more followers than the other. One may have more fans across the globe. But all we really care about is which of the two young YouTube stars, Harry Seaton or Mark Upson, is the more skilled driver.

In order to find out we needed a few things. First, a section of unused runway. Next, some cones, then a mad sports car with no driver aids, and finally a stopwatch.

Spitfire Raceway at Perranporth Airfield stepped up to the mark, on an incredibly windy day. The wind stopped all aircraft from buzzing around our heads, and so the location was set; and when you want a mad sports car in Cornwall you speak to Toniq. They supplied a 200bhp CB200 capable of hitting 60mph in less time than it takes Mark and Harry to gain 60 subscribers. And then gave us some old tyres they didn’t care about, which turned out to be very handy.

We’re not cruel, so we gave the two young YouTube stars some basic instruction and let the two of them have a few practice sessions to get used to this very unfamiliar environment. The CB200 is unlike a normal car. It has brakes designed to make you work hard and acceleration more like a missile than a road car. Also, it’s not often you have to weave tightly around cones and tyres rather than sticking to speed limits and driving safely.

But before they got too used to it, and before the wind got too strong to ruin their hair too much, we got the stopwatch out…

Watch the video to see how they did.

Let us know how you think you might have done around our incredibly tight and twisty course.

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