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Canine safety accessories for Chinese Year of the Dog

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February 20, 2018
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To mark the Chinese Year of the Dog insurance experts at Adrian Flux have tracked down the best accessories to keep the dog safe when travelling in a car.

Dog guard

If you plan to carry your dog in the boot of an estate car, make sure you fit a guard.

As it is the Chinese Year of the Dog, your pet may become excited and jump into the cabin of the car, possibly damaging upholstery with mud and claws and potentially causing an accident.

As well as being designed to keep the dog safe the dog guard also acts as a safety precaution for other passengers. An accident could fling the dog forward from the boot which could cause serious damage to anyone sitting in front of it.

You can get universal guards, but its best to go to your car’s manufacturer to get something designed for your precise model.

Chinese Year of the Dog

Boot and seat protectors

Even if you use an old blanket, protect the boot space or seats and footwells. Dog hair, mud and dog smell – even in the Chinese Year of the Dog – are unwelcome and can be extremely difficult to scrub away.

You can get custom made boot protectors and removable seat covers that can be easily removed and washed once you have reached your destination.

Seatbelt harness

If your dog is going to be transported on a seat of its own, you really should invest in a dog harness.

Car harnesses come in a variety of sizes and are plugged in to the seatbelt buckle.

Dogs then have a little freedom to move around on the seat, but they are restrained in an accident or if they get over excited.

Window guard

It always brings a smile to the face when you see a big soppy dog with its tongue out as he hangs his head from a car window. This is, however, very dangerous.

A window guard will prevent your dog from leaning out of the window while the car is moving and, when the car is parked, it will allow adequate ventilation if you need to leave the dog in the car for a short while.

Travel cage

If your dog is particularly excitable you may need to invest in a cage. When you introduce the dog to the cage, pop in one of its favourite toys so it feels at home.

They usually fold down and are light and easy to remove. Visit a pet shop to try a few different cages to see which your dog likes and which is best for your car.

Some people think a cage looks a little harsh, but it will keep the dog safe on a long car journey.

Non Spill Bowl

Dogs need to drink water regularly so it makes sense to invest in a non spill travel bowl. There are a number of designs available that have non spill rims, won’t tip or slip, and are light and portable.

Tie Out Stake

Stakes are very handy when you stop for a comfort break and want to take in some air, or you have reached your destination. Simply push the stake into firm ground and attach one end of the cable to the stake and the other to your dog’s collar.

The dog will have a little freedom, but it won’t be able to run off into an unknown neighbourhood.

Happy Chinese Year of the Dog

Dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend. Treat them accordingly during this, the Chinese Year of the Dog, and keep them safe by following the advice from the insurance experts at Adrian Flux.

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