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Say happy birthday with this classic Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon

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March 7, 2018
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If you fancy treating yourself with a little stylish off-roading to mark the 70th anniversary of the Land Rover, how would you like putting this 1949 Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon through its paces?

Land Rover 4x4 Station Wagon

First Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon made by Tickford of Newport Pagnell

Introduced the previous year,  the very first Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon was built by Newport Pagnell-based coachbuilders, Tickford Ltd.

The Station Wagon featured an aluminium-panelled, timber-framed body, and was intended to extend the work horse’s appeal beyond the agricultural sector which was initially its target market.

However, the Station Wagon was treated as a car by the taxation authorities, adding a hefty chunk of Purchase Tax to its already considerable cost. Only 641 were sold, with most sent for export.

Land Rover 4x4 Station Wagon

Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon – “most sought after”

Almost 60 years later this luxury Landie is one of the most sought after variants.

This model was bought in 1981 by the current owner, a died in the wool Land Rover enthusiast, and painstakingly rebuilt over the course of the next 30 years.

‘ONU 208’ was bought from a farmer in Wantage, Oxfordshire, in very poor condition and with its original engine missing.

The Station Wagon looked fit for the breakers but its rarity saved it.

Land Rover 4x4 Station Wagon

Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon – “dilapidated but salvageable”

Despite its dilapidation, the Station Wagon was remarkably complete and original, with enough of this rare model’s unique parts surviving to facilitate the reproduction of replacements.

The mahogany body frame was sound, with only two sections requiring renewal, while the chassis was sent away for shot blasting before being repaired.

Stripping paint from the aluminium body panels revealed the original colour scheme: light green with ivory white window frames.

As there was no engine, a period-correct 2.0-litre unit was acquired, overhauled, and installed together with the rebuilt gearbox.


Land Rover 4x4 Station Wagon

Owner reupholstered Land Rover 4×4 Station Wagon himself

The owner enrolled in an evening class to learn upholstery, enabling him to re-trim the interior himself. The labour of love was finally completed in 2010.

The Land Rover Station Wagon is coming up for auction at Bonhams’ Goodwood Members’ Meeting on Sunday, March 18. Its presale estimate is £30,000-£40,000.

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Land Rover 4x4 Station Wagon

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