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Historic Bath set to clobber motorists with smog-busting congestion charge

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April 5, 2018
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The quest for clean air is creeping west with plans to introduce a daily congestion charge for motorists driving into historic Bath city centre.

If the congestion charge is introduced in the quest to create a “clean air zone”, Bath will be the first city outside London to charge motorists a daily fee to drive into the centre.

congestion charge

The congestion charge would cover Bath’s Georgian core

Private motorists with higher-emission cars could be charged to enter a central zone largely covering Bath’s Georgian core.

Tourist coaches and more-polluting commercial vehicles could also have to pay up under the proposals which have been put out for public consultation.

Plans launched by Bath and North East Somerset Council for a clean air zone set out three options, two of which would only affect coaches, buses, HGVs and taxis.

A third would also affect private cars with polluting engines. Petrol vehicles with “Euro 4” or newer emissions ratings – dating from about 2006 onwards – would be exempt.

As would diesels with “Euro 6” emissions rating, dating from about 2015 onwards, along with electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars.

congestion charge

The council has three years to improve air quality

The government has given the council until 2021 to improve air quality in the city and could make up to £3 million available for the scheme.

Money raised by the scheme will be reinvested in green initiatives such as improved cycle lanes, better public transport and new licensing requirements to encourage taxi firms to invest in lower-emission vehicles.

The London congestion charge zone, introduced in 2003, charges vehicles £11.50 for each weekday between 7am and 6pm.

congestion charge

Motorists will be clobbered again by the congestion charge

Similar clan air zones are also being considered in Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton.

While sympathetic with the aims of the clean air brigade, here at Adrian Flux we feel sorry for motorists who are continually clobbered by new laws, hiked taxes and new charges being foisted upon them.

That’s why we will pull out all the stops to provide comprehensive motor insurance at a price you can afford, no matter what vehicle your drive, be it the latest supergreen EV, a powerful petrol unit or, heaven forbid(!) a dastardly diesel.

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