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Motorists could be fined for parking on the pavement

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April 19, 2018
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Motorists in the UK may soon have another new road law to follow, which could see parking on the pavement become obsolete soon, if the Department of Transport carry out their plans.
The new law, if enforced, will ensure it becomes illegal for all drivers to park on the pavement, unless the vehicle has been granted explicit permission in advance. Those who do so without the expressed permission required, can expect to face a £70 fine.

Drivers in London are used to the law which was brought in in 1974, but the law outside of the capital remained a grey area with the highway code only stating London in its vernacular in rule 244. “You must not park partially or wholly on the pavement in London, and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it.”

Chief Executive of Living Streets Joe Irvin, has backed the move and expressed his delight at the possible new law and is quoted in the Express newspaper saying: “Pavements are for people not vehicles.

“Parking on the pavement can be selfish and dangerous, forcing people especially those with disabilities, visual impairments, wheelchair users or people with prams, to risk danger by walking in the road.

“There should be a default ban, with pavement parking only allowed in certain circumstances on streets that have been specially designated to allow it, making it the exception rather than the rule.”
The law could come into effect later this year, but there is no deadline set in place as to when it could become a reality.

There is a chance it may affect your car insurance should the law be implemented, as drivers have to declare how they park their vehicle overnight.

Transport minister Jesse Norman, told The Times: “The Department for Transport has been considering the traffic regulation order process.

“However, the department is now undertaking a broader piece of work to gather evidence on the issue of pavement parking. We expect to be able to draw conclusions later this year.”

One drawback to parking on the pavement is that if the road is too narrow it wouldn’t allow emergency vehicles to get past, should they need to.

Some roads however may be too narrow for residents to park their cars in the road without being partially on the pavement.

Where do you park your car overnight? Is your street too narrow for many vehicles to be parked in the road? Let us know your thoughts to the potential new parking law in the comments below.

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