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Rating the top 10 eight-seater cars on the market

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March 4, 2019
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Sometimes you simply need more room in your car – eight-seater cars fit the perfect spot between seven-seater MPVs that are often cramped for adult passengers, and minibuses seating nine to 16 people that are excessively large for personal use.

If you have a large family or like to travel with a group of friends, an eight-seater MPV might be exactly what you need. Read this list to discover the top 10 eight-seater vehicles currently on the market.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Yyundai

Best eight-seater cars: No. 10

Hyundai i800

  • 1997-PresentCirca
  • £27k-£30k
  • Autocar rating: 3 stars

The Hyundai i800 comes in one size option, but offers a decent amount of space without being too huge to handle. Boot space is fairly limited at 842 litres when compared to the competition, but the seats can be adjusted to make space when needed. The Hyundai eight-seater has two engine options, a manual and a more powerful automatic. Standard features include rear parking sensors, Bluetooth connectivity and heated front seats.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Ford

Best eight-seater cars: No 9

Ford Tourneo Custom

  • 2012-PresentCirca
  • £39k-£45k
  • WhatCar rating: 3 stars

The Ford Tourneo Custom is available in two size options. With the larger L2 you’ll not only be able to comfortably seat six adults in the back, but have an enormous 1900 litres of boot space. With the smaller L1, boot space is still sizeable at 1200 litres. Leg space and head space are plenty in both front and back, and the sliding doors make entry to the back easy. Front and rear parking distance sensors and Emergency Brake Assist also come as standard.

While the Tourneo Custom has plenty of space and some great features, it is more expensive than any other eight-seater cars bar the luxurious Mercedes V-Class.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Mercedes

Best eight-seater cars: No 8

Mercedes V-Class

  • 2014-PresentCirca
  • £48-£55k
  • WhatCar rating: 1 star

The Mercedes V-Class aims at the top end of the market – its starting price is higher than the costliest configurations of most of the competition. You will need to get the Long or Extra Long version of the V-Class to get eight seats, but both of them offer generous space for even eight adult passengers. If your passengers are planning to bring luggage though, you will want the Extra Long version. The eight-seater car comes with a choice of two powerful automatic engines.

The inside of the car has a luxurious feel similar to other Mercedes on the market. There is no shortage of features, even on the base Sport model: a panoramic glass sunroof, electric sliding doors and active parking assist are just a few. It is only the high price point that brings down the V-Class from the top of this list.

Top 10 eight-seater cars - VW

Best eight-seater cars: No 7

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

  • 2003-Present
  • Circa £34k-£44k
  • WhatCar rating: 4 (panel van version)

The Volkswagen Transporter people carrier comes in two size options, with the Long Wheelbase option offering extended boot space. The base version comes standard with safety features including drowsiness alert and Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. The Shuttle SE version, starting at around £36,600, upgrades the upholstery to a more luxurious Pandu cloth and offers carpeted flooring.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Toyota

Best eight-seater cars: No 6

Toyota Proace Verso

  • 2013-Present
  • Circa £31k-£46k
  • WhatCar rating: 3 stars

Built on the same platform as the Peugeot Traveller and Citroen SpaceTourer, the Toyota Proace Verso also offers three size options. Space is generous on the Long version especially, and the ‘hands-free’ electric rear doors are a highly useful extra option. The family version of the Toyota eight-seater starts at around £34,000 and offers great safety features including collision warning with pedestrian detection.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Peugeot

Best eight-seater cars: No 5

Peugeot Traveller

  • 2016-Present
  • Circa £31k-£42k
  • WhatCar rating: 3 stars

The Peugeot Traveller is available in two size options. While the Standard size seats eight adults comfortably, boot space is almost non-existent. The Long size, on the other hand, offer a humongous 1,384 litres of boot space. Seats can also be folded and removed to make space when needed. The Peugeot eight-seater offers great options including a panoramic roof and ‘hands-free’ electric sliding rear doors. The optional Family Pack includes a child rear-view mirror as well as tray tables and sunblinds for the back seats.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Renault

Best eight-seater cars: No 4

Renault Trafic Passenger

  • 1981-Present
  • Circa £25k-£29k
  • WhatCar rating: 4 stars (panel van version)

The Renault Trafic Passenger comes in two size options. The Long Wheelbase version is 5.4 metres long, and offers not only spacious seating for eight adults but plenty of room for luggage. While the basic version lacks some of the features like rear parking sensors that come as standard in some of the competition, the Trafic Passenger also has the lowest starting price of all the eight-seater cars on this list.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Citroen

Best eight-seater cars: No 3

Citroën SpaceTourer

  • 2016-Present
  • Circa £28k-£44k
  • WhatCar rating: 3 stars

The SpaceTourer is available in two size options in the UK: M and XL. While the M size leaves little room for luggage, the XL seats eight adults comfortably while still providing a large amount of boot space.The seating is highly customisable, and the seats are high, towering over even some smaller SUVs.

There is a good choice of engines in the Citroën eight-seater. The entry level 6-speed manual has an impressive combined mpg of 58.9 with a 0-62 acceleration speed of 12 seconds. The top-of-the-line eight-speed automatic, on the other hand, manages a combined mpg of 44.1 while accelerating from 0-62 in a speedy 8.8 seconds – impressive for a car with a kerb weight of nearly 2,000kg.

Best eight-seater cars: No 2

Vauxhall Vivaro Life

  • 2016-Present
  • Circa £27k-£40k
  • WhatCar rating: 4 stars (panel van version)

The Vivaro Life is another car based on the chassis also shared by the Citroen SpaceTourer, Peugeot Traveller and Toyota Proace Verso. There are two size options and five engine options, including both manuals and automatics. This car has some great safety features, including the Emergency City Braking collision-avoidance system as well as driver drowsiness detection. Like the other cars based on the same platform, a panoramic sunroof and ‘hands-free’ electric sliding rear doors are also available.

Top 10 eight-seater cars -Mercedes Vito Tourer

Best eight-seater cars: No 1

Mercedes Vito Tourer

  • 1996-Present
  • Circa £27-£36k
  • WhatCar rating: 4 stars (panel van version)

The Vito Tourer is the second of the two Mercedes eight-seater cars for sale. Where the V-Class is luxurious, the Vito Tourer is practical. The Vito Tourer does away with the flashy interiors of the V-Class, but still has the great build quality that you would expect from a Mercedes. While it is the cheaper option, the car still feels like a family vehicle rather than a converted van like some of the competition.

There are multiple size options, with the larger models easily seating eight adults and still having space for luggage. The seating is also easily customisable, and the back seats can be removed to carry large loads.

Whichever 8-seater car fits your needs best, Adrian Flux offers minibus insurance to suit you and your car.


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