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How much would it cost to insure the castles of Westeros from Game of Thrones?

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April 18, 2019
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As Game Of Thrones returns for its last ever season, we’re estimating how much it would cost to insure properties featured in the hit series.

As the episodes unfold we will look at all of the key locations, we know that Winter is Coming so ahead of the first episode, we’re looking at Winterfell.

Since the first season aired way back in 2011, Game Of Thrones has become a sensation.

We have all watched on the edge of our seats as our favourite characters journey through the Seven Kingdoms and across the Narrow Sea.

We have all waited a year and a half for Season 8 and it is finally here.

After all the battles, sieges, invasions and just downright carnage, have you ever thought about how they handle the damage?

When Winterfell was burnt down at the end of Season 2, it was meant to have been ‘burnt to the ground’ but Roose Bolton managed to repair it sharpish when he seized the castle.

By the time of the battle with Stannis Baratheon all of the walls were fixed, the walls were reinforced and (from what we could see) all the rooms were usable. Pretty impressive for a castle in the middle of nowhere.  

Harrenahal was torched by Aegon’s dragons 300 years ago, and still hasn’t recovered despite having the most profitable lands in the Kingdom!

If all this happened in the real world we would turn to our home insurance and let the insurer  take care of the damage. As Adrian Flux insures castles, we thought let’s price up the main ones in Westeros.

Winterfell to cost £400,000 a year?

Winterfell has been a key location throughout all of the seasons, not only being home to the fan-favourite Stark family, but it has a huge strategic advantage to pretty much everyone.

Having changed hands several times, it has been raided, burnt, suffered through Winters and now faces yet another battle in the upcoming season.

Game of Thrones

Taking all of this into account and considering the castle is approximately 968,00 sq ft, the new Lord of Winterfell would need to foot a £400,000 a year premium. Not a policy for the faint hearted, but at least it covers the risk of frozen pipes!

The Red Keep – lower risk than Winterfell?!

The Red Keep houses the ever desirable Iron Throne and has had a Lannister presence even since the reign of Mad King Aerys. While they may rule the roost for now Cercei’s ambition could be the downfall of her and the remnants of her House.

Overlooking Blackwater Bay and the Narrow Sea, the castle towers over the city of King’s Landing – so there’s certainly no flood risk! However the fire risk is pretty high with wildfire stashed throughout the city, and so is the public liability risk when every monarch for four decades has murdered guests that displease them.

With the location being further from The Wall and army of the dead, it is currently a lower risk property than Winterfell despite the high crime rate in the area. The Lannisters would need to fork out a £380,000 a year premium to keep their castle covered. This would include £2m property owners liability, although it is unlikely that it would actually cover murder!

If you live in a higher value home, or your have contents worth more than £50,000, you will probably have experienced problems getting insurance cover at a reasonable price, if at all. That’s where Adrian Flux can help.

Our Home & Contents cover will make sure that your property is adequately covered in the event of a mishap, and at a price you’ll like.

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