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Most popular cars for women

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January 10, 2020
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Which cars do women tend to choose more than their male counterparts?

We may have pre-formed ideas about which kinds of cars tend to be owned by women, but do those ideas match the data?

In the insurance industry, we get a very clear snapshot of the makes and models that people insure and own. From this, we can see which vehicles tend to be driven by a higher percentage of men or women.

Simply asking which cars most women drive will throw up a similar result to the most popular cars generally – think Ford Fiesta and Focus, VW Golf, BMW 3-Series etc. – just because there are so many of those on the road. So we’ve taken it a step further and looked at the ratio of female to male drivers for each make and model, and seen which ones swing the most towards the ladies.

We only considered vehicles which we had quoted more than 100 times last year to filter out one-offs, obscure imports, rare farm machinery, military machines and so on, leaving a very comprehensive list of the 469 most popular cars.

Adrian Flux women drivers

This has thrown up some very interesting results. For a start, only the top 28 of those 469 are insured more often by a female proposer than a male, such is the overwhelming majority of insurance policies with a male proposer.

In general terms across the board, the split is around 76.5% male and 23.5% female, meaning any car registering above 23.5% female is above average.

Adrian Flux VW Beetle

And which model was the top one? Care to take a guess?

Almost ironically, the most female-biased car in the UK was, in fact, the one with a traditionally male name – the Vauxhall ADAM. 82% of quotes on the ADAM are for female drivers.

The smart money might have struggled to pick that out, as it’s a vehicle that has not usually been seen as a woman’s car, but that’s a fairly dated concept anyway.

We see other cars in the top ten such as the Ford Ka, the Peugeot 108 and MINI One so maybe there’s a trend towards hatchback-type cars with lots of features and not so much of a focus on space or performance. This is backed up by others in the top ten cars for women like the Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1, and Peugeot 107.

And what about the Fiat 500? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that was in the top ten, with 6th place in the standings and 70% of the proposers being female. It wasn’t the most female-biased retro-styled car though – that honour goes to the quirky Nissan Figaro which earned 2nd place overall, being insured by females 74% of the time. That’s still a fair gap to first place though, meaning the ADAM is clearly a winner with the ladies.

Adrian Flux Figaro insurance

And the least female-favoured marques? Well, if you see a woman driving a Jaguar, Subaru or Isuzu then it’s a very rare thing, as no models from those marques appeared in the top 100 at all. In fact, of the 16 Jaguar models listed, 13 were in the bottom half of the standings, and all Subaru models which made the cut are in the bottom half. The least female-biased model of them all was the classic Jaguar 3.4, with only one quote for a woman driver last year, compared to 142 men.

Flux women driver insurance

Whatever your gender, the car you choose to drive is a massive decision for you. Getting it right means having a car you love, can handle everything you throw at it, and is affordable, so make sure you call us for a quote next time you’re looking to find a car that really suits you. We can tailor a policy to you from a huge panel of different insurers fighting for your custom. Read more about our great value car insurance here.

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