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When does my car insurance run out?

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March 9, 2020
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Unless you have already made a statutory off-road notification (SORN), it is your responsibility to make sure your car has the right insurance cover. As a result, it’s important to find out when your policy next runs out.

If you are unsure when your car insurance will run out, most insurers offer cover for a year. Therefore, if you can remember when your policy started, this is a good measure to use for checking your car insurance expiry date.

For policies that cover you for 10 months and over, insurers must send you a reminder for renewal before your insurance expires. Many insurers send you letters or emails to remind you to renew your cover ahead of its expiration depending on which type of communication you have chosen. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye for this.

If you are concerned you may miss your renewal, there are several ways to find out when your insurance will expire. 

In this article, we will address how to perform an insurance check and learn when your car insurance policy will expire. We also provide details on what to do in the event that it already has.

Is my car insured?

As previously stated, you may receive letters or emails reminding you of your renewal. If you have not, there are several other ways to find out when your policy will expire.

The first port of call when checking your insurance status is reading your policy papers. However, if you have lost these you can also check your emails; whether you know the policy provider or not, you can often easily find the information by using relevant words in the search bar. If you know who your insurer is, you can give them a call to find out the details of your policy. 

Another option is to go through your bank or credit statements and look at outgoing payments – if you have set up a standing order you may have informed your bank of the final payment.

If these methods prove unsuccessful, you can visit askMID, an online insurance database checker. The site uses a national register to check car insurance by number plate.  The search itself is free, however, you can pay a fee for additional information, such as the insurer’s information and policy details. 

AskMID website screnshot

If your details are not on the Motor Insurance Database, you will be at risk of facing a fine or court prosecution.

My insurance has expired, what should I do?

If your car insurance has already expired, there are a number of things you should do to avoid a penalty and protect the safety of yourself and others.

  1. Do not drive your vehicle when it is not insured, as it is illegal to drive without at least 3rd party insurance on a road or in a public place. If you are in an accident you will be responsible for paying any compensation that you owe for damages or injury without an up-to-date policy
  2. Speak to your insurance agent as soon as possible. They should be able to advise you on the best action to take, whether that’s updating your policy or getting a new one. They may also be able to help you avoid paying penalties for driving without insurance
  3. Purchase the policy and ensure you get the cover as soon as you can. It is illegal for your car to not be insured (even if you’re not driving it) unless you have made a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)
  4. Keep hold of any documentation. Once you have your new policy in place, be sure not to lose any information that could help you when renewing in the future
  5. Make a note in your diary and have a reminder set for when you will need to renew your policy next year

My car insurance has been declined

You may find yourself being declined for insurance for many reasons, such as a failed direct debit payment or adding incorrect personal details on your policy.

As a specialist insurance provider, we work hard to provide cover when other companies won’t. Get in touch to find a car insurance policy that works for you.

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