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Lockdown 2.0: How will it affect you and what’s changed since the first lockdown?

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November 5, 2020
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It looks like we’re almost back to square one in England with lockdown 2.0, a second month-long Covid-19 shutdown being put in place by the government from Thursday, 5 November.

But people will find lockdown 2.0 is less restrictive than the first national shutdown. This time round schools, colleges and universities can remain open and motorists are free to use their cars more or less as they please.

There’s no restriction on the number of journeys motorists can make, nor how far they can travel. However, the Government guidelines stipulate drivers should not transport members of different households and they must follow strict social distancing measures at all times. 

There is bad news for learner drivers though with tests, both theory and practical, being cancelled once again. 

But unlike the lockdown in March, garages will be able stay open — that means there will be no further reprieve for motorists whose cars are due an MOT. If your MOT is about to expire, you will need to get one.

lockdown 2.0

None for the road in lockdown 2.0

Lockdown 2.0 will see the closure of much of the hospitality industry, including pubs and restaurants, though takeaways and food deliveries will be permitted. Essential shops, such as supermarkets will remain open.

Takeaway of alcohol will be allowed from pubs as long as customers order in advance and do not enter the premises.

Your lockdown measures

The English lockdown measures will stay in place until 2 December, but lockdown is different for people living elsewhere in the UK: 

  • In Scotland there is a five tier system with each of the country’s 32 local authorities being allocated a tier based on risk levels. Currently all areas are in tiers one, two or three, tiers four and five being the highest risk areas.
  • Wales is under a “firebreak” lockdown until 9 November with fresh guidance on what is to happen next due this week.
  • Northern Ireland is in a “circuit breaker” lockdown which includes pubs and restaurants being shut. This is due to last until 13 November.

Moving home and the property market

The government has said  lockdown 2.0 in England won’t affect the property market as, subject to social distancing measures, renters and homebuyers will be allowed to move; estate agents and removal firms can continue to operate; construction sites can stay open; and tradespeople are allowed to enter customers’ homes.

In Wales renters and buyers are only allowed to proceed with moves during the “firebreak” lockdown if the move can’t reasonably be delayed until after November 9.

House moves and viewings are still permitted in Scotland and Northern Ireland, subject to social distancing.  

Hotels and overnight stays away from home

Hotels are only open for people who have to travel for work purposes though, according to the government, there will be a “limited number of other exemptions” set in law.

Outbound international travel has also been banned, except for work purposes. Travel within the UK is permitted but is being discouraged, except for work, while overnight stays away from home will only be allowed for work purposes.

Visiting friends and family during lockdown 2.0

The new lockdown stipulates there is to be no mixing of people from different households, except when childcare and other forms of support are necessary.

However you can exercise or visit outdoor public places — including parks, beaches, countryside, public gardens, allotments and playgrounds — with the people you live with, your support bubble, or one person from another household.

Single-adult households will still be permitted to form or maintain a support bubble with another household. But mixing of households indoors is only allowed for very limited purposes – like childcare or providing other care.

If you are clinically vulnerable or over the age of 60, the prime minister said you must minimise contact with other people as much as possible.  

Exercise and outdoor sport

Just like the first lockdown, outdoor exercise will be allowed and encouraged, but people will only be able to meet one other person from a different household to exercise. 

Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities such as bowling alleys, leisure centres and gyms and sports facilities have been closed.

More bad hair days in lockdown 2.0

As was the case during lockdown in March, “personal care facilities” such as hairdressers and barbers, beauty salons, nail bars and spas must remain closed. And, because there can be no mixing of households indoors, that means a mobile hairdresser would be prohibited from visiting your home.

Business almost as usual at Adrian Flux

Observing social distancing protocols, it is almost business as usual for the team at Adrian Flux insurance. We are here to help you during these difficult times. If you have concerns about the implications of lockdown on your household or motor insurance see our Covid-19 round-up of Frequently Asked Questions.

For a complete guide to lockdown 2 rules and regulations visit the government website

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